Meet Ms. O'Connell


My name is Kathleen O'Connell and I am so excited to join you on

your journey this year as your full-time Round Meadow counselor


Fun Facts: 

A few things to know about me:

  • I LOVE sloths! They remind me to slow down and breathe. 

  • I have two kittens: Luna and Henna

  • I love Mary Poppins - it was my favorite Halloween costume ever! 

  • I love working with students  and families! 

  • My favorite food is gnocchi and my favorite dessert is anything chocolate! 

  • I have worked in LVUSD for 4 years

  • I earned my master’s degrees in Psychology for School Counseling and Marriage and Family Therapy

Children's Storybooks




My Counseling 


These years are often drenched in play-based learning to navigate and support a child's emerging sense of self and belonging. I utilize a blend of art and play interventions to explore themes relevant to the presenting challenge, engage the problem-solving and emotional awareness faculties, and work collaboratively with the student's adults to help reinforce this growth at home.


This period of development revolves heavily around social anchoring and grounding a sense of self and sense of belonging while fostering a greater relationship with interdependence. More talk-based strategies are used to help expand awareness of the interplay between our emotions, cognitions, and behaviors and how this dynamic fuels our lived experiences. 

Girl Painting in Art Class